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Our People

Though our company is relatively new we have hired some brightest and best from the industry.  Our outside sales staff averages over 20 years of flooring industry experience. Epico has specialists that deal with retail and builder sales.  Our people form a highly dedicated, talented and enthusiastic association that prides themselves on service, creativity and the formation of long term business partnerships.

In every working environment, there is an important factor that will contribute greatly to the successful running and operation of business. This is the ability to focus on both people and priority.

Employee Recognition

Every once in a while, we take out the time to appreciate and recognize some of our employees who have been putting extra work and those who have greatly improved in their service delivery and their aspects of business. It is our way of making them know that we see their efforts and that these efforts are certainly not being put in vain.

Special Events

We organize special events as a way to not only reward our workers for doing good work but to also foster the spirit of co-operation and solidarity among them. With these special events, we try to bring them together and strengthen cohesion and interconnection among our workers. We socialize and encourage our workers to mingle and unwind. Some of these programs are regular BBQs, birthday parties, Christmas parties, specific public holidays, etc.

Milestone Recognition

We also take the time to recognize those who have hit one milestone or the other in the course of their partnership and work with us. For instance, those who have been with us for 25 years, etc. these people are recognized and acknowledged for their long-standing partnership with the vision and objective of our company.

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