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Epico is one of Canada’s most diverse supplier of Hardwood , Engineered , Resilient  and Laminate Flooring

We are a full-service flooring company that provides flooring services and materials to people all over the country. We cater for the needs of residential, commercial and industrial areas and we can offer the very best in flooring and floor covering products and services.

Regardless of your location or the type of area you are looking to get awesome flooring for, you can rest assured that Epico will be able to get you what you require. We understand the differences in flooring requirements and it is with this understanding that we operate. We will make sure to examine your location and with that analysis, we will be able to offer the best flooring services that will cater perfectly for your location and which will be bespoke to your specific flooring requirements and specifications.

Our flooring materials are nothing short of the best in quality and durability. You can rest assured that they will last very long without having any wear and tear marks and without suffering any damage that will compromise their strength, integrity and aesthetic appeal. We also make these floors available at highly cost-effective prices, meaning that acquiring the most beautiful and alluring floors doesn’t have to put too much of a strain in your pocket.

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