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Our company was founded in 2012 in Brampton Ontario.  However, its origins go back to the mid 1990’s, as Stephen Kilfoyle our founder, began to develop solid wood programs for distributors all over Canada and the United States.  A program that began with unfinished Red Oak that was sold to retailers for on-site finish, it developed into products for prefinishing plants. In the later 90’s and early 2000, Mr. Kilfoyle began to Brand these products as the markets taste expanded into new finishes. As a result, and to differentiate these finishes, Royal Image, Obsession and Ambiance were born. As the demand for composite flooring developed Life Stepp laminate was created.

As the popularity of these brands grew Mr. Kilfoyle began to sell them directly into retail stores in the local in the GTA. These new brands were well received as many retailers were looking for a quality brand at an excellent price to bolster their sales in an ever increasingly competitive market.

To meet up with the growing diversity of his products and the demand for them Epico Forest Products was born.  Starting with 21 colours of Life Stepp Laminate and one sale person, Epico entered the wholesale flooring business, selling mostly to stores in the GTA.   In 2017, Epico now has integrated all brands Life Stepp, Ambiance, Royal Image and Obsession. It distributes products across Canada and the United States in which we have active business partnerships.

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