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In our increasingly fast paced, competitive and rapidly changing marketplace we base our business operations on the solid foundation of our long-standing partnerships and the trust that is the result of those relationships that we have been built over the years. We also make sure to maintain a network of highly distinct and diversified suppliers who will be well-equipped to handle the needs of our equally diversified client base.


Epico receives its diverse product line from suppliers that stretch the globe. Epico has supplier partners in North America, Europe and Asia. With merchandising associates who frequently travel around the world, we have been able to extend our reach to even more countries and establish more long-standing relationships with even more prospective supplies that will keep producing the latest colours and most innovative products in the future. Our suppliers buy into the vision, objectives and goals of our business and are actively supporting us in each and every of our endeavors. Together, we work hand in hand to ensure that we are a0ble to deliver the very best in flooring materials. In short our supplier partners focus on producing high quality, products on time, efficiently and cost effectively.

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